One week ago, the current board and the proposed board celebrated the switch that will take place tonight. This was done by going on a weekend with the 10 of us! The proposed board got all kinds of puzzles to figure out the location of staying: Nonograms, calcudokus, riddles, and even more! When the board arrived at the location, it was time for dinner. After dinner we played some volleyball, and we made a campfire. The rest of the night we had beers and marshmellows while enjoying the fire.

On Saturday it was time for the next surprise for the proposed board: A bike ride.. But to what location? When ‘Drievliet’ appeared on the signs several times, most board members started to have suspicions. We were going to an amusement park! When we arrived, the proposed board got a crazy list. This means they had to carry out several (weird) assignments. They had to make photos with only a certain amount of hands and feet on the ground, they all had to try something new, and every board member had to do a function specific task. After 1.5 of performing crazy assignments, the board united to enjoy a few of the attractions of the amusement park. In the end of the afternoon we had seen everything, so it was time to do some groceries for the barbecue! After a delicious meal, we gave each other the board gifts. From treasurers’ box to lego, and from Smirnoff Ice to self-made t-shirts: Nothing was too crazy! In the evening we did the same as Friday: we talked and drank beer at the campfire.

On Sunday the weather was even nicer than the day before, so we decided to go to Kijkduin. That day there were a lot of beach volleyball games. We watched a few, played some beach volleyball ourselves, and we even got into the water for a bit! We ended the weekend with a great dinner at one of the beach restaurants.

We want to thank the proposed board for all the fun, and we hope they will have an amazing year!